Gyrokopterträff i Danmark.

Gyrokopterträff i Danmark.



Dear friends!

As you may know there was too few, who signed up for
the event at Liselund. Since we are only 8 gyrocopters it would be too
expensive to visit Liselund due to transport and other expenses. We have then
changed the event to be held at BORBJERG MØLLE KRO NV of Holstebro in Jutland.
Its about 2 hours flight from Måløv.

There is a grass airfield 250 m from the Inn. The
length is 280 m and it is 20 m wide.
N56 24 700 E008 45 496. Runway 01/19. Use runway 19 to land.

Borbjerg mølle Kro. Tel.: +45 9746 10 10
e-mail: [email protected]

A stay from Saturday to Sunday including coffee and
cakes on arrival, 3 dishes menu, breakfast and room has a price of:

Single room: 
Dkk 995,-

Double room:    Dkk 775,-
The price does not include drinks.

I arrange the rooms and pay for the persons who already have payed me. Since
the price is cheaper than the dkk. 1.000,- some of you have payed I will return
the difference during the event.
We can cancel the reservations just one day before without paying anything.

Please send me a mail if you want to participate for
this event and which kind of room you want. Double or single.

If you have the possibility to land at Albatros in
Måløv I will arrange a free brunch from 10:00 to 12:00 AM. Please let me know
if you will join this. It will also be possible to get Oktan 95. But let me
know in advance how many liters you want. When we go back from Jutland it will
also be possible to have petrol in Måløv.

Since we are a little late with respect to rooms I
kindly ask you to give me an answer as soon as possible. You are welcome to
invite your friends. May be this tour is of more interest for some.

You can answer by returning this mail:

I am sorry for the inconvenience this has given you,
but I am sure we will have a lovely weekend together. I hope to see you in May
and come back later with more details.

Enjoy your flight.

Carsten Svendsen / Chairman Dansk Gyrokopter Union

[email protected]

Mob. +45 40105286

För anmälan: kontakta Henric Endoff, 070-542 2832, [email protected]