Invitation to ”Skåne Runt 2022 – Öland”

Invitation to ”Skåne Runt 2022 – Öland”


Dear gyrocopter friends in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France and elsewhere!
It’s four years since the latest ‘Skåne Runt’ was held and we were able to take the picture above. Those of us who
were there surely have nothing but fond memories from the event. Since then, a by now rather infamous pandemic
has stopped all attempts to yet again push the ‘GO repeat’ button.

But, persistence prevails! End of May 2022 we’ll meet again for the largest gyrocopter Fly-In in northern Europe.


/Nils Gyllenkrok & Henric Endoff


Thu. May 26:
Arrival Borglanda (ESMB) in your own time. See ‘Notes’ for more infoSettling-in nearby for 2 nights. See ‘Note’s for more info.
Joint dinner

Fri May 27 :
Joint flying around Öland with several stops incl. for lunch. See proposed plan.
Joint dinner.

Sat. May 28:
After breakfast: Returning home at own planning.


Flying around Öland

Fri. May 27, 2022. Two alternatives are planned:

Alt. 1
1a. Borglanda (ESMB, 625 m grass) – Ölanda (ESMZ, 600 m asphalt), 57 km
Leg stretcher

1b. Ölanda – Sandvik (ESFS, 600 m grass), 31 km

1c. Sandvik – Borglanda, 26 km

SUM 114 km

Alt. 2
1a: Borglanda (ESMB, 625 m grass) – Ölanda (600 m asphalt), 57 km
Leg stretcher

1b. Ölanda – Sandvik (ESFS, 600 m grass), 31 km

2a. Sandvik – turn-around Långe Jan (lighthouse at the southern tip), 100 km

2b. Långe Jan – Borglanda, 75 km

SUM 263 km

What do we need from you right now?

There will be a two-phased registration process:

1) Right now – or at the latest February 28, 2022 @ (7 pm GMT+1) – announce your interest to participate to
Henric Endoff, either via phone +46-70-542 2832, or via e-mail: [email protected] Let us know
a) How many people that will require lodging and participating in the joint dinners, and
b) If you are coming with a gyrocopter.
We welcome also those who just want to ‘hang-around’ without having your own rotary aircraft. It might
be difficult, though, to join flying around Öland on the Friday….but Öland can surely offer plenty of
other activities.
The information above will be used to make preliminary reservation of rooms.

2) Once we’ve secured adequate lodging based on preliminary applications, we will communicate back to you
and ask you to do your own room reservation as well as let them know if you have any dietary restrictions.

Two different types of lodging will likely be available:
o Double rooms for 1000 – 1400 SEK/night incl. breakfast at a decent location nearby Borglanda
o Shared rooms with 4 single beds/room in a hostel, located on the same premises, for abt. 300
SEK/bed/night + 100 SEK per breakfast.

A proper, joint dinner with set menus at fixed price will be held at a different, nearby place for each of the
two evenings.

Special practical assistance with lodging, food and fuel will be organized for overseas participants on their
way to Borglanda and if needed, on their return home.

Conceptually, we’re thinking about organizing three groups flying to Borglanda (and return if there is a wish):

1) Gyrocopters from Denmark, Germany, France and Skåne direction
 Contact: Nils Gyllenkrok, e-mail [email protected] cell phone: +46-70-660 5051

2) Gyrocopters from the Gothenburg direction
 Contact: Anna Aspgren, e-mail: [email protected] cell phone: +46-70-285 9554

3) Gyrocopters from the Stockholm direction and further north
 Contact: Henric Endoff, e-mail: [email protected] cell phone +46-70-542 2832

Needless to say, participation is voluntary, you can come and go as it fits your personal plans.

Fees: Based on what is known as of Feb. 14, 2022; Besides lodging & food, there will be a fee of 120
SEK/gyrocopter for using Borglanda during 2 days.

Fuel: Of all airports on Öland, it is only Borglanda that can offer fuel – and only 100LL. If you only would like
to use 91-96 UL, please consider mainland airports on your way in or out from Öland.

Just ask: call or e-mail Henric Endoff at +46-70-542 2832 / [email protected]

Download whole invitation as PDF here: Invitation SR22-Öland.pdf